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In Accessories, Sleepwear/Loungewear on July 8, 2010 at 4:49 pm

The past couple of weeks, I’ve had precious few hours of sleep, which I largely attribute to wedding planning and wedding-related stress.  (I hesitate to call it “stress” because I’ve enjoyed planning so much, but there are some nights where I just lay wide-eyed in bed, running over the things I want to do the next morning and wondering whether or not I should order a different set of napkins, as I wasn’t satisfied with the first batch, and fretting about other issues of equal (pathetically unimportant) magnitude.)  This has completely thrown me for a loop because I’ve been a morning person for quite some time now.  Even as an undergrad, I would set my alarm for 7 a.m. to get up and get things done, despite the fact that my classes weren’t scheduled until later in the day.  I’m just keener, fresher, more observant in the morning.  So this groggy, bleary-eyed feeling I’ve been experiencing the past few weeks when my alarm so crudely (and rudely) interrupts my sound sleep is entirely foreign and disconcerting.  As a result, I am thinking about sleep far more than I should, and I’ll satisfy that craving by making this post a tribute to the land of nod and all the accoutrements that make those precious hours so sweet…

Who doesn’t dream of the sort of Audrey Hepburn glamor conveyed in the above shot from “Breakfast At Tiffany’s”?  Lucky for us, designer Mary Green has come out with a replica of the above eye mask for when you just feel like playing princess ($33, Mary Green):

I’m more inclined towards the classic reversible “Good Morning / Good Night” mask ($17, Journelle), which I’d pair with an equally luxe-looking satin robe by Matters of Leisure ($206, Journelle):

(You should know before progressing any further in this post that I am heavily inclined toward the ultra-feminine when it comes to sleepwear.  If you’re not into satin and lace, you may opt out at this point…)  I’m mildly obsessed with little bralette-brief sets like this super sweet Bluebird by Eberjey set, sold at Ann Taylor — $28 for top, $18 for bottoms, but currently 30% off):

So sweet — love the soft iris color.  These oh-so-soft, ultra-breathable Only Hearts hipsters in dove white are my idea of the perfect sleep short ($38, Lille Boutique):

The vintage styling is even more apparent in the corresponding bralette ($48, Lille Boutique):

For something a bit peppier, I love this Cosabella set in “lipstick” ($49.50 for top, $32.50 for bottoms, ChickDownTown):

(For everyday undergarment wear, however, I’m a huge believer in Hanky Panky, and I’ll never switch back.  Their low-rise versions are available for $18 at Bloomie’s — and almost anywhere, for that matter — and come in a range of happy colors.  I’m into the BRIGHT reds, HOT pinks, and FIERY oranges.)

In keeping with this sunny palette, how beyond adorable is this Juicy Couture set ($60 for top, $55 for bottoms, Net-A-Porter)?

Love!  Boxer shorts are definitely my sleepwear of choice — but I’m ridiculously picky about them.  They can’t be too short or too long and they can’t be made of a thick material.  I’m actually kind fond of inexpensive Gap and Aerie versions — they come in cute prints, are wallet-friendly, and tend to meet my material-and-length specifications (polka dot version below: $15.50, Aerie):

These little Tory Burch shorts also caught my eye — how cheery is the beachy print (on sale for $38.50, Tory Burch)?

I like to pair my boxers with my favorite Splendid tank top (the “2×1” — $42, Revolve Clothing), solid white Hanes’ little boys tees ($5/pop, Hanes), or the collection of super-soft, broken-in t-shirts I’ve filched from my fiance (my favorite: an oversized heather gray “Virginia Baseball tee” — so, so soft — you can buy your own at the Cavalier Team Shop for $20):

If I’m feeling extra glam, I like little sets like this 3.1 Phillip Lim find ($66.50 for top; $66.50 for bottom, La Garconne) layered under a little cami-and-shorts set (Juicy Couture, $98, Revolve Clothing), or a silky robe, like this Mary Green kimono ($93, ChickDownTown):

I’m also loving this little TopShop romper in bubble gum pink ($55, TopShop):

So breathable, so comfy.  When I’m in my ultra-low-key mode, I’ll snuggle up in my oversized waffle-knit robe, which I had monogrammed with my new initials (and, though you’re probably not supposed to wear your initials until your wedding day, I have worn it regularly over the past few months…)  I got mine from Pottery Barn of all places, and it’s the coziest thing imaginable ($89, plus $6.50 for monogramming, Pottery Barn):

Of course you’ve got to have the perfect bed set-up to maximize comfort.  Mine is currently outfitted with the “Scallops” line of Matouk brand linens — love, love, LOVE Matouk! — and this is the exact set I have, including the comforter:

My fiance and I are switching to the far more gender-neutral Pine Cone Hill “Genevieve” collection (snap up your own set at Horchow) — don’t you love how elegant and peaceful it makes the room look?

I’m accenting with lots of silver around the room — Julep cups, silver frames, and so forth.  It will be a little sanctuary.  By the way, a lot of “sleep specialists” will advise you to scent your sheets/pillows with lavender, but I find it cloying.  In my opinion, there’s nothing more soothing than fresh-out-the-laundry sheets — crisp, fresh-smelling, perfectly white.  (Hence my tendency to obsessively clean my sheets…like every few days.)  I also cannot stand the sight of an unmade bed.  I’ve been known to walk into my fiance’s apartment and make the bed for him — or to make my bed just before I’m about to get into it.  Neurotic, I know.

Enough on my compulsive behavior — and back to sleepwear.  I’m pretty much in love with the Cosabella line of underpinnings — they have the most delicate, feminine nighties, like this I-just-want-to-relax-in-it-right-now “Ever Babydoll” ($96.50, Cosabella):

(I’m really holding myself back here because I could go on for hours about the slips, nighties, and so forth that I love.  I went on some mega shopping-sprees in the lingerie department while living in Lyon, France.  I literally could not pass by a Princess Tam Tam or Etam without stopping in to check out their goodies.  Just love the girliness of it all.  I’ve happily had occasion to invest in and receive some higher end pieces from La Perla, Vanesso Bruno, and the like as the wedding/honeymoon draw near — ooh la la!)  For around-the-apartment midnight-hour activity, I like little soft slippers like these Esthers by Topshop ($16).  This is primarily because I’ve lived in old D.C. houses for my whole life and they are sadly prone to bugs — nothing more disgusting than being caught off guard by a cricket while I’m barefoot:

Well, let me speak more honestly: I’m usually seen in my ratty old “Wicked Good” mocs from L.L. Bean ($49.95).  I literally live in them come October of every year.  I may even have snuck out to the grocery in them a time or two (shame on me).

They’re not sexy, but they are just about the most comfortable thing you can imagine — and they provide extra padding in the event that I encounter a late-night critter on my way to jotting down a note (I am the queen of getting up in the middle of the night to make a note to myself — the pads below are by Kate Spade but are no longer available; she always has adorable options) or grabbing a late-night snack (I love a little bite of leftovers before bed).

And for when I really can’t sleep because wedding details have set my mind spinning, I put a DVD on my trusty old Mr. Macbook (my go-tos are “When Harry Met Sally” and “Pride and Prejudice” — so typical, but so classic).

Mmm my bed is calling me now…

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