Ask TheFashionMagpie

Have a burning style question, want some help picking the perfect outfit for your high school reunion, or need someone to talk you down from a fashion fiasco?  I’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction.

Drop me a line at I might even blog about you.

Alternately, are you a fashion magpie?  Have you stumbled upon a fabulous find that you want me to feature in one of my posts?  Send me an email and let’s talk about it!

And if you’re just looking for some penny-pinching tips, check out my Magpie Deals page — updated regularly!

  1. Hi Jennifer! Loved reading your fashion blog; please send me other ones in the future Riley and I are so excited about your wedding … can’t wait! Your mom said you liked the apron, mit and potholder set — hope you have alot of fun in the kitchen using them as you whip up feasts for Landon! Looking forward to August 7th… have a great summer ’til then ~~ Love, PF

  2. Hi! I just received a gift card to Stella & Dot for $350. I would love to have your help picking out some essentials that I could easily wear with most things. I’d hate to get something I’ll only wear once. Can you send me your top picks? I read your review on Stella & Dot and was wondering if you’ve updated your purchases or wish list. Thanks!

  3. Dear Fashion Magpie; Help! My gorgeous, stylish sister is getting married and I don’t know what to wear to the bridal shower or the rehearsal dinner. Anything I might already have in my closet or an inexpensive alternative suggestion would be great! Thanks ~
    Striving to be Chic in Charlotte

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